Part 2 of 10 in My Dreams to Achieve Series.

Long before I decided to become a computer programmer, way back in elementary school and well into middle school, I wanted to be an architect. My 5th grade science project was on bridge designs and weight limits. My 6th grade biography report was on Frank Lloyd Wright and my 7th grade biography report was on Louis Sullivan.

The desire to become an architect probably stemmed from Star Trek and Legos in all honesty. Those ships were magnificent creations and I can still sit on the internet and pour over tech specifications for naval vessels, airplanes and fictional starships. In 8th grade this desire gave way to computers.

But even since changing direction in terms of career, I’ve always wanted to design my own home. The sense of accomplishment and ownership must be simply amazing for those who have done it. While I’ll work with an architect and other professionals, I want a large say in the layout of building. This home will hopefully be the place where my children grow up and where I grow old and retire.

I want a library, an office, a large family room and balconies. I want to be able to sit outside under the stars on the balcony and read with my family. I hope to be able to work from home at least part of the time and I’d need an office so that I can separate work from play.

Man I’m just ready for it to be next Wednesday. There’s just so much to do.

1) DLC Bids
As an elected officer on the SED Council for KKPsi, I was asked to review the bids for our annual District Leadership Conference and cast a vote. I need to finish my write-up and submit my vote tonight.

2) Jazz Band Concert
The UF Jazz Bands are performing tonight and my frat little brother is the lead trombone. So I’m going to see him play. He always inspires me to work harder as a musician even if it’s not my career. And one of my little sisters is running the reception so I’m going to help her out after I get off work.

3) Websites
I really need to do a lot of work on a variety of websites I’m in charge of. I need to setup sand box sites using the latests software for our chapter and district websites. I need to actually put some more stuff on my professional site and I really should re-theme my tumblr. It’s kind of bland.

4) Christmas presents for littles
I need to go put orders in so that they’re ready in time for our Christmas Party.

5) CFR Visit
Our frat sends around field reps to check on chapters every couple years. Our last one was Fall 2006 (before I joined) so that makes us due this year. He’s coming by next Monday and Tuesday. I’m hoping to meet with him, he’s been taking a tour of our district and I want to get some opinions from him on how the chapters are doing.

More to come later…

So saw the midnight showing of the new Bond movie. It was a fun excursion, my littles and some close friends came along. One of the radio stations was outside promoting it and giving away free tickets. The movie is a solid follow-up for Casino Royale. Less love story than CR but more action. Craig and company are doing a good job of developing 007. I’m kind of sad that he’s only signed on for three movies. Maybe someone can convince him to do like five more.

But the best part of the movie?

The trailers.

Every preview I saw was for an interesting movie.

The Star Trek trailer was simply amazing. It starts and you’re just like wtf? Then comes the line. “What is your name?” “James Tiberus Kirk.” Amazing. I cannot wait for this movie. Also, almost all my friends that were with me (even the non-ST fans) wanted to see the movie. Killer trailer.

Then came the new Watchmen trailer. It was good for the most part and nice to see all the main characters and for those who don’t know about the plot it gave enough information for a tease.

Up next was the trailer for Angels & Demons. As soon as the screen changed I could tell what it was for. I hope they don’t deviate from this book as much as they did with The Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed the movie for DVC but the ending kind of paled in comparison to the book.

Last up was the new Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds. The trailer was enough to make me want to see the movie. The only thing that makes me nervous is that it’s the same director from The Pursuit of Happyness which was an okay movie.

So, today Joe and Jill Biden came into town for a rally. It was a little rainy at parts but not too bad. A sister came along with me so I was happy that I knew someone in the crowd. Unfortunately, my camera had old batteries in so I barely got any pictures. But I did manage to snap a good one of Jill and a good one of Joe.

Senator Bill Nelson did the introductions. While I don’t always agree with him, he’s a ton better than Mel Martinez and probably as liberal as Florida is willing to elect at the moment.

Jill and Joe came on stage together and Jill came to the podium first. She talked mostly about education and her husband. When the subject of Joe’s first wife came up in her speech, I watched Joe. His emotion was real. He was there fiddling with the Gator hat he had been wearing, looking down and at the hat trying to maintain his composure. Jill’s a strong and independent woman. I think she should be a role model instead of Sarah Palin.

2008-11-03 - Jill Biden

Finally, Joe took the stage for about 30-45 minutes which was a bit disappointing. But he had the crowd excited for most of it. There were a few Republican protestors and I saw a couple Nader signs. He said there were to major priorities. The first was restoring America’s middle class and the second was restoring America’s standing in the world. He talked about education and healthcare and I got excited when he talked about energy sources. I yelled a bit louder than I had before and everyone stared for a second. Energy and education are my two pet issues.

2008-11-03 - Joe Biden

Anyways, we had fun and I really want to go to the Obama rally tomorrow but I just don’t think I can make it. Too bad. But I’d really like to see him inagurated. Maybe. Just maybe. Mom and I can go.