2008-12-28 - Smile Friday

Smile Friday: Graduation & Family Edition.

About a year ago I graduated from Santa Fe College with an A.A. in Business Admin. I took me a while but I’m finally headed in the right direction and this night gave me plenty to smile about.

I’m pretty freaking bored. It’s somewhat my own fault though. It doesn’t seem like there’s many people around and the people I want to spend time with are busy (wisdom teeth removed) or away (O-Town, Daytona, Boca, Gville, NY).

So I’ve spent time with mom (which is one of the main reasons I came home), done a bit of shopping at IKEA (rice jar, tupperware and glasses) and a metric ton of programming. Now the programming is necessary as it’s for my job and my frat (plus it clears projects off my list that I’ve needed to do for a while) but it also makes me feel like I’m being anti-social.

So plan for tomorrow is to go see at least one person I haven’t seen in the last six months or so.

Also, I might be grumpy because I’ve officially given up Coke due to the mouthguard (for grinding) causing cavities.

2008-12-26 - Smile Friday
This is a picture of me and my big brother (the blonde) and my big sister (the brunette). These two wonderful ladies helped me through my pledge process (we’re a co-ed frat).

I went to my best friend’s graduation today. It was quick and painless. Afterwards I packed up and headed home. I got to surprise my family as they were expecting me tomorrow.

I’m gonna have a busy time while I’m here. Going to be working remotely a lot. Also, doctors appointments and visiting friends.

Tomorrow might go to church. Then brunch with the family. Then wash my car and vacuum the inside. Then hopefully visit Nicole.

I’ve been catching up on television shows and movies for the past couple days.

In the past few weeks, I’ve watched all three Terminator movies and re-watched Lucky Number Slevin. The Terminators were okay and I always love Lucky Number Slevin. Bruce Willis + Morgan Freeman = Win.

I’ve checked out Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Pushing Daisies, Dexter, Fringe, Clone Wars, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Arrested Development.

BBT is too painful to watch. It hits way too close to home. Not that I’m that socially awkward but yeah way too painful.

HIMYM was okay. The premise seems cool and I’m sure if I watched more than just the pilot I might enjoy it. But the whole ending of the first episode was too much of a tease.

Pushing Daisies is very funny and cute. I like it a lot. Too bad it has been cancelled.

Dexter has an interesting premise but there’s a bit too much blood for my taste. I might give it a few more episodes but I’m not really feeling it.

Fringe is pretty kick ass. It really is the new X-Files. And since the last X-Files movie was just a glorified episode, Fringe makes me very happy. It is a bit gorier but that seems to be just keeping up with the times.

Clone Wars is good enough to keep watching. After playing Force Unleashed which had a great story it is a bit of a let down. But just as I’d watch any Star Trek show, I’ll watch any Star Wars one. But it is an interesting look into the actions of the various jedi during the Clone Wars.

Sarah Connor Chronicles first episode was good enough to intrigue me. Summer Glau’s character is pretty amazing.

Arrested Development is hilarious. I will watch it until the end.

And soon Burn Notice and In Plain Sight will be back plus Heroes. And I’d like to watch Transformers Animated, Lost and West Wing. I’ve finally found some interesting TV to watch. Now just to find time to watch it.

Any other shows I should be watching?

I’ll be absent from the internet for the better part of four days.

I’ve got a marketing exam on Monday and a management exam on Tuesday.

And then I’m free from school related obligations until next year.

But I need to ensure that I do well so study time.

I’ll make sure to check up on the internets before bed.

Older brothers won 5-3.

We had to even up the teams a bit.

I did pretty well. I fielded most of the kick off returns to get us in good position.

I had defended one pass playing back as the safety.

I had about four rushes for about 30 yards and a touchdown.

And I caught one pass for 10 yards.

Also threw up some good blocks playing in the TE/Slot Receiver spots.

Now time to get ready for the Christmas party!