Day Four:

2009-01-05 - P365D4

Today the AFC East Champion Miami Dolphins took to the field for the last time this season. Nic and I went to Kim Bokamper’s Sports Bar and Grill. Unfortunately, we arrived a little bit late and the place was packed full. However, we lucked out when one of the managers stopped by and asked how many people were in our party. It turned out there was another couple that had a booth but their friends had never showed. So we got to sit with them. The girl was sweet, the guy was a bit drunk. We ordered food and enjoyed the game. At halftime we decided to head to Nic’s place to finish up the game and it just lucked out that the couple’s friends showed up. It was a good time and we had a great talk while we were at her place. Unfortunately the Dolphins lost but we spent a good five plus hours together talking and having fun.

Day Three:

2009-01-05 - P365D3

I was working on my computer and listening to iTunes when Schubert’s Scherzo #1 came across my playlist. It jolted me into wanting to play again. So I stopped working and headed over to my keyboard. We got it towards the end of my piano lessons. Piano is the one instrument I wish I was better at. I took about five years of lessons but I didn’t like my teacher’s selections and it caused me to quit. I did love playing the Diabelli duets with my piano teacher. I’m hoping to start practicing again soon but my current living space doesn’t have room for my keyboard.

Day Two:

2009-01-03 - P365D2

Today was overall uneventful. But I accomplished a ton. I put in a lot of time at work and cleaned up the last remaining bugs. So we’re on schedule to release a new build next week to the beta sites. So this picture is my makeshift desk at my parents’ house. I miss the wide open space of my desk in Gainesville but it’s nice to be able to work from home. I’ve all been hacking away at a new version of a membership/alumni database for my frat.

Day One:

2009-01-02 - P365D1

Mom and I went to IKEA to pick up a silverware set for my brother. I ended up getting a new wastebasket for my bathroom. We walked the “natural path” of the store and looked at various furniture and stuff. I like most of the stuff they have there. It’s pretty minimalist and modern which works well for me. Some of the couches and chairs weren’t bad. But the one set of things I almost uniformly hate are the lights and light fixtures. They’re ugly.