I’m a Christian by Margaret Cho

I don’t necessarily appreciate her profanity but I do understand and agree with her position. God loves everyone. God enables us to make decisions and allows us to deal with the consequences. But he still loves us whether he agrees with our decisions or not.

So, I picked up this game from Blockbuster yesterday on my way to Cat’s for dinner. My roommate, Stitches, had apparently enjoyed the GCN version (I thought he meant the Wii version). I’ve been looking for more Wii games to pick up seeing as I only have a couple, Wii Sports, Wii Play and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. A baseball game is right up my alley (though I previously tried The Bigs).

Like most Wii games that use motion I don’t have a lot of fun playing a game when I have to repeat motions over and over. Maybe I just need more time getting used to it but normally my wrists or elbows end up hurting after an hour of play.

Like all the Mario sports games this one is pretty fun (excepting controls). There’s a nice assortment of characters to select. There’s even different colored Yoshis and Toadstools (with different stats). There’s a decent amount of strategy involved in putting together a team and setting their batting order and positions. It’s just enough depth for me on a Wii game. But you can also hit the random button if you don’t really care.

The gimmicks are neat. Star swings and star pitches are cool and easier to activate than the Super Striker kicks. The stadiums seem pretty neat. Peache’s Ice stadium is kind of annoying when you’re trying to field. And the train is Yoshi’s stadium counts as a homerun even though its in front of the fences. I haven’t turned on the error items yet but I’ll take a look at those soon. I plan on unlocking some stuff tomorrow since there’s no football game. So that’ll be saved for part two!

Work is a drag today. I got into work an hour later than I wanted to and missed most of the development meeting. I had finished most of the tasks on my list so they gave me a couple small things which aren’t very fun because I have to read lots of documentation on the controls.


Last Thursday while my mom was on her way to Tallahassee to stay with my grandma. She dropped off several things for me: my repaired HP P4 tower, a bed comforter, some new towels and washclothes and most importantly her old iBook G4. I’ve been without a laptop for most of summer and part of the spring and man have I missed it. I’ve spent most of the past week setting the laptop up. First up I backed up all my mom’s old data to my external hard drive just in case. Next up I erased the hard drive and installed OS X Tiger. I’ve installed most of my favorite apps Adium, Coda, CoverSutra, Firefox, iLife, iWork, MS Office, Navicat Lite, Quicksilver, Transmission and VLC. The one program I need to put on that I forgot about is Pixelmator. I’ve setup Mail.app to use IMAP so I can access e-mail while I’m out and about (and delete unnecessary messages) without stopping my iMac from downloading the messages too for reference. But today before I left for work the 1GB of RAM arrived. So now my laptop is sporting 1.25GB of RAM which will be very nice. The iBook could get sluggish pretty quickly but now it’s very snappy in opening up programs and documents.