Charles, the Hoarder

Charles, the Hoarder

2013-07-08 - Charles


“Just give me a minute. I might have one of those somewhere.”

Charles wasn’t ready for the zombie apocalypse. But then again who was? And he really didn’t need to be. With his trusty messenger bag filled with everything imaginable, Charles was more prepared than most people. He has an unnatural ability to find something useful anywhere he goes and can carry it all with him.


Search Combat
Blue / Destiny Red 1 / Webbing
Yellow / +1 Action Red 2 / Is That All You’ve Got?
Orange 1 / Hoard Red 3 / +1 free Search Action
Orange 2 / +1 free Combat Action


  • Charles is an equipment locker. His skills are focused on his ability to search through the deck for what he needs and even put useless cards to use. Unlike most characters who only need a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, every piece of equipment is important to him.

  • Charles should focus on searching for equipment. With Is that all you’ve got? he can even become a makeshift tank assuming he can free himself up to look for more equipment to discard. This can be advantageous regardless of team size, allowing Charles to split off from the main group and survive alone.

  • Charles doesn’t have a lot of room to improve in combat but he can pick up a good weapon or two, he can select the +1 free Combat action at Orange to make sure he makes at least one attack a turn and keeps up in XP totals with other team members who may be more combat focused.

2013-07-08 - Charles Zombie