James, the Field General

2013-06-29 - James


“If you guys had listened to me the first time, we wouldn’t be in this situation!”

James was super prepared for the zombie apocalypse, especially since his computer skills are mostly useless with no electricity. He does have one very useful trait, the ability to see things clearer than everyone else literally and figuratively. He saw the outbreak before it arrived and prepared appropriately. Now he sees the fields of zombicide and helps other survivors clear a path before them. Those eagles eye also help him pick targets easier.


Tactical Ranged
Blue / Lifesaver Red A / Distributor
Yellow / +1 Action Red B / Born Leader
Orange A / Tactician Red C / +1 die: Ranged
Orange B / Sniper


  • James is the quintessential field general and a must have for difficult missions. His mix of skills across the danger levels allow him to lead the team from the ground by timing his turn or become a ranged combat specialist to mow down zombies from a far.

  • In large teams, James should focus on his leadership skills allowing him to exert control over the board. By selecting Tactician, James can take his turn at the best moment. This will allow him to maximize his usage of Lifesaver. In the leadership role, James should be equipped with a Baseball bat and Rifle. These high accuracy weapons ensure that he can keep his zone clear of zombies.

  • In smaller teams, James functions better as a ranged combat specialist. Picking up sniper allows him to use ranged weapons exceptionally well and kill high danger targets like runners and dogs. If he’s equipped with dual SMGs or dual Sawed offs, expect him to rise quickly through the danger levels.

2013-06-29 - James Zombie