CampaignRulesetGame MasterYearSetting
Age of Worms/Return to the Temple of Elemental EvilD&D 3.5e CampaignJames2006-2007-
The Burning PlagueD&D 3.5e CampaignBen2011-
WAGERD&D 3.5e CampaignJames2011Treskri
Punishment/The Blood WarD&D 4e CampaignBen2011-
AwakeningD&D 4e CampaignJames2012Treskri
Under SiegeD&D 4e One ShotJames and Ben2012-
Bravo TeamM&M 2e CampaignJames2012-
The High SeasD&D 4e CampaignBen2012-
Olympic GamesD&D 4e One ShotJames, Ben and Chris2012-
Caves of ChaosD&D Next One-ShotBen2012-
Murder in Baldur’s GateD&D Next CampaignJames2013-
The Midnight OilD&D 3.5e CampaignBen2013-
The CityD&D 3.5e CampaignBen2013-
TorgrimD&D Next CampaignJames2013-
Heaven and HellD&D Next One-shotJames, Ben and Chris2014-
Time and TideD&D 5e CampaignJames2014-2015-
Rocks FallD&D 5e CampaignBen2014-2015-
Code ChasersFAE One-ShotJames2015-
Lost Mine of PhandelverD&D 5e CampaignAlex2015-
The Polite CompanyD&D 5e CampaignAlex2015-
Operation PhoenixD&D 5e CampaignBen2015-2017-
Thrasher’s CampaignD&D 5e CampaignThrasher2015-
Ryl WorldFate CampaignJesse2015-
Department of CollectionsFate CampaignJames2015-2016-
Operation ProphetD&D 5e One-ShotBen2016-
Mars 2076Fate CampaignCarolyn2016-
Out of the AbyssD&D 5e AL CampaignNicole2016-
WanderlostD&D 5e CampaignNicole2016-2017-
Tomb of AnnihilationD&D 5e AL CampaignJames2017-2018-
Lost Mine of PhandelverD&D 5e AL CampaignJames2018-
Tales from the Yawning PortalD&D 5e AL CampaignAmber2018-
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Winter WizardryD&D 5e AL CampaignAmber2018-
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Winter WizardryD&D 5e AL CampaignJames2019-
Curse of StrahdD&D 5e AL CampaignMarco2019-
Sea of TroublesD&D 5e CampaignBen2019-
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad MageD&D 5e AL CampaignJames2019-
Farrah’s EberronD&D 5e CampaignFarrah2019-2020-
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Hell of a SummerD&D 5e AL CampaignJames2019-
Ghost of SaltmarshD&D 5e AL CampaignAmber2019-
Shadow HuntD&D 5e CampaignTom2020-
Red Flag FleetScum and Villany CampaignFarrah2020-
Magic City MysteriesDFA One-ShotJames2020-
Paragon CityFate One-ShotJames2020-
The Northstar JobFate One-ShotBen2020-
Curse of StrahdD&D 5e CampaignTom2020-2021-
The Continental New YorkFeng Shui 2 One-ShotJames2021-

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