Status: Concluded
Gender: Female
Race: Eladrin
Class: Warlord
Level: 5
Alignment: Good
Deity: The Lord of the Sky


After the destruction of her home village and siege of Sky Wood when she was young, Lira lived in the forests surrounding her home for several months and learned to survive in the wilderness, but with help. An older man passed by one day and was drinking by a stream, and Lira followed him to see what he was up to— who he was, where he hailed from, and whether he could be trusted. The old man turned to her and stated that he could hear her footsteps a ways away, beckoning that she should join him by the stream and keep him company while he sharpened his weapons and refilled his canteens.

Gingerly, Lira joined the man down by the water. He introduced himself as Shiyak, an Eladrin who—just like her— no longer had a place to return to. He had a gleam in his eye and was mysterious; Lira couldn’t help but be fascinated with his demeanor, story, and his intricate and beautiful longswords. Shiyak saw the intensity in Lira and was deeply intune with his senses; his intuition told him that she was meant to do great things, not just for the Eladrin people, but for the balance of the land. He never uttered this to her, but instead took her on as his apprentice in his journeys. She trained ruthlessly under his watchful eye, crafting her body into a weapon, disciplining her mind and her mind’s eye. Shiyak saw that Lira had an affinity for the longsword, and after her training was complete, as a token of companionship, trust, and duty, he gave her his longsword— Reatha. He told her specifically that this sword would take to its owner and carve out a destiny based on the will of that individual. He warned her to always be pure hearted in her causes.

One evening in the forest, it began to rain and Lira decided to walk barefoot down to the stream and bathe. She brought her longsword with her in case of predators, and closed her eyes as she submerged her aching body in the stream. Resurfacing quickly, she sensed a type of foreign silence in the forest—it was eerily quiet. Her thoughts immediately returned to her training, and to Shiyak. Without a moment’s hesitation, she donned her clothes and Reatha, and teleported close to the campsite, behind a large tree. Peering anxiously through the darkness, her eyes scanned for Shiyak. He was still in the tent. Relief swept over her as she walked towards the campsite, longsword swung over her shoulder.

Suddenly, two hooded figures came out of the shadows. One grabbed Shiyak and placed a dagger to his throat. He was already bleeding from his abdomen, and the dark liquid drenched his shirt, running down his leg. The other figure took out a scythe and advanced toward Lira. It began to speak in a horrible language she vaguely understood, “Dweller of the forests, Eladrin raceling, your God blasphemes the world. For this you must suffer and die.” Lira screamed in fury as the dagger moved swiftly across her mentor’s throat. He stared into her eyes, a burning look of recognition. It said, “Live… live.”

She drew Reatha in the expanse of an abated breath and slashed furiously at the hooded perpetrator in front of her. He evaded the attack and tried to gut her from behind. She knew precisely what to do. Dropping to the ground and rolling over, she clutched her sword in her left hand and raised it like a pick above her attacker’s head, plunging it deep into the figure’s spine and yelling with a mingled fury, hatred, and determination to avenge Shiyak.

The rest of the fight was a blur, but the murderer did not escape her grasp. She pinned the figure to the ground and took the very dagger he killed Shiyak with and buried it into the killer’s heart. Lira swept back its hood before the life left its eyes, and her face became shocked as the darkness lifted and she saw what kind of creature would target her kind. She swore never to forget that day.

Lira became an assassin for hire, using her intuition and capabilities in combat to solve mysteries or pursue others’ vendettas against their enemies. The work paid decently and provided her with comfortable provisions. She worked under an alias, Aresth, and killed many while traveling to different towns. Ultimately, her true purpose was kept secret— Lira burned with the desire to find the knowledge she sought about why her family died, why her master was killed, and how to return the honor of her people and their memories back to the unbalanced world. She would stop at nothing, not even the gate of Death, to seek that truth. Somehow, she knew it was her destiny to discover it.


While her Warlord title was certainly earned through her professional reputation, Lira’s personality does not usually display this ferocity. Lira is usually quite energetic (though she definitely has moments where she seeks solitude for deep thinking, reflection, or rejuvenation) and greatly enjoys the company of others, especially those who will be frank and candid with her. With a difficult past and the tendency toward solitude and self-reliance, Lira relishes commonality and working towards a collective goal— she is especially impassioned by helping those who struggle. She can’t stand to see people suffer needlessly.

She protects those she cares about with everything she has, but understand when to back off and let someone fend for themselves. A lover of music, the arts, and raucous conversation with lively debates and discourse, Lira can be found in the midst of the crowd, yet only seek the company of a few stolid companions whom she consistently trusts and defends.


  • To bring justice to those who destroyed her home, family, and livelihood
  • To understand the precious state of the World and help bring peace to those who struggle

DM Notes

  • Town was called Lavan. Now known as Saeque.
  • Shiyak previous apprentice is General Ahern Saeque. A good friend of Elaron Celebar‘s.

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