Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Barbarian
Level: 5
Age: 29
Alignment: Good
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 210 lbs.



Odanus was a human tribesman and the last of the Old Men. His tribe lived in the wilderness of the Golden Isle of Aetheria long before the Savior brought the rest of humanity back into the world. There, Odanus lived the life of the land, hunting, foraging, and learning to fight with nothing but a sword and his raw fury.

For reasons he never shared with his comrades, he left his tribe and family to join the Western Aetherean Guild of Exploration and Recovery, where he met Shae, Neshira, Rolfwicke, and Ketham, among others. Their guild was asked to explore the ruins littering Aetheria. Week after week, they would return from their adventures bearing artifacts and tomes that told of the ancient battles of the Dragon Gods, their people, and the humans. Week after week, Odanus would endure his companions’ ridicule (and Ketham’s flirtations with lunacy), seeing that something far more important than his personal comfort was buried on that island.

Then, Odanus, along with Shae and Rolfwicke, bore witness to the turning of the age and the shattering of the draconic cycle of rebirth. That day, fighting a confusing and crowded battle with a dragon and his servants atop a crumbling tower, he was turned to stone by a basilisk.

The three (and Neshira) were turned from stone to flesh five millenia later on the mainland peninsula by a devout scholar, Simmah, who awoke them for a new quest—to fix what had been broken.

The humans had returned to the world, but they were not Odanus’s people. He stayed close to his companions throughout their journey escorting ambassador Queus up the coast, uncomfortable with the coziness of civilization, human or elf alike. They fought the mysterious Asps, they foiled would-be assassins, they slew a dragon, and they uncovered the truth of a false religion. But Odanus felt lost.

It was only during his fated journey upon the Ruatria that he realized: long gone were the times his comrades had belittled him for his rumored illiteracy and lack of horns or hair. They had fought and traveled side by side for so long. He had to leave behind ancient history. They were his family.

He fought Roagrim the Faithful to the death that night to buy time for them to escape from their sinking ship and the raging dragon overhead. The duel lasted for ages, but finally, Roagrim’s poison did its work, and Odanus fell.


Odanus was kind, confident, and calm on the road—his element, his home. He thrilled in battle, however, slinging his sword and working his (and his foes’) feet with wrath and excitement.

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