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Chastity “Chase” Starryeyes

Chastity “Chase” Starryeyes, the second child of Sirius Starryeyes and Pandora Sweetberry, is a Halfling academic and explorer of some renown. At 42 years old, Chase is only a decade removed from childhood but has already garnered much respect for her research and knowledge. Chase stands 3’ tall and weighs 40 pounds. She keeps her long blonde hair in a tight braid and her blue eyes flicker with an insatiable curiosity. On her expeditions to recover lost artifacts from before the blight, she is accompanied by two mastiffs, Artemis and Bastion.


The Starryeyes clan is a family of explorers, wanderers and guides. According to family legend, the clan earned their last name when their founder helped guide a sailing ship across the ocean by the stars after the ship’s navigator fell stricken and died. Unlike the rest of his family, Sirius Starryeyes went against the grain and settled in Colthyr as a mastiff breeder and trainer. Sirius met and married Pandora Sweetberry, the daughter of a beloved Halfling farmer from Oakheart.

Sirius became well-known and respected amongst the nobility of Colthyr for his well-bred mastiffs used frequently in their hunting parties. Sirius and Pandora have raised three children, their son, Cain, and their two daughters, Chastity and Callista. With the passing of Pandora’s father, the Starryeyes have relocated to Oakheart to take over his farm and expand their mastiff breeding operations.

Childhood and Education

Chase was provided an education due a merchant family scion. She was tutored by several members of the Arcane College of Colthyr. These teachers fostered her innate curiosity and encouraged her to pursue a life of study. Of note, Ophelia White, a retired professor of history left her mark on Chase, inspiring her with histories of the Elves and her time spent with the King and Queen of Colthyr as a tutor to their daughter. Thus Chase developed a love of Elven culture and did pursue an academic career.

Professor of History

After completing her education, Chase was awarded a position at the Arcane College as a history professor. She spent several years lecturing at the college. During this time, she developed a professional rivalry with another history professor, Edmund Carlson. Chase and Edmund have offered up competing claims about the Elven civilization’s role in the blight. Chase holds the position that the Elves were and remain unaware of the cause of the blight and that they are as much victims as the rest of the world. Edmund holds the position that elves not only know the nature and source of the blight, but that they are actively hiding it from the world in an effort to maintain their temporal power over the other races.

Sabbatical and Field Work

Five years ago, Chase’s maternal grandfather passed away, leaving his farm to her mother. The Starryeyes relocated to Oakheart to take over his fields and expand their mastiff breeding and training operation. While training a pair of pups, Artemis and Bastion, Sirius discovered a buried cache of elven texts, one of which pre-dates the blight. This discovery ignited the Starryeyes wanderlust that has long tugged at Chase and she received approval for a sabbatical to assist her family and then funding for field work in the Oakheart area.

Chase purchased a small hovel adjacent to her family’s residence and then purchased the two mastiffs, Artemis and Bastion, who discovered the elven cache believing them to be lucky. For the past few years, Chase has ventured forth from Oakheart in search of more pre-blight artifacts but it has thus far been fruitless. With her hope fading, Chase has been pondering a return to Colthyr and the Arcane College.

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