Chase Starryeyes - Meeting Amanodel

Chase had never seen such beauty before. The graceful presence flitted back and forth in the sunlight. Stopping here and there to gather before returning to its base. She moved like a hummingbird, speeding from shelf to shelf. Collecting vials and pouches, bringing them back to her desk. Pressing leaves and stirring liquids. She seemed to move in slow motion before completely stopping.

Her delicate hands and unblemished skin announced her youth. But her eyes spoke of the earned wisdom of a century of seasons. Her slightly worn attire betrayed her secret adventures in the wilderness.

“Excuse me miss, may I help you?”, the melodic soprano reached the ears of Chase and brought her out of the moment. The pain in her left arm returned.

“I seem to have found a nasty plant of sorts,” Chase stood on her tiptoes and offered her arm to the lady elf.

She inspected the irritated skin quickly, “Yes, I have an ointment that should help with that.” Chase began to hum as the elf girl danced across the workshop again, picking up ingredients and mixing them into a salve.

“Apply it generously, twice a day for three days and it should clear up.”

Chase took the salve and nodded, “How much do I owe you, Miss?”

The elf girl’s determined countenance disappeared into a mischievous grin, “Take me with you on your next adventure.”

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